Live Cricket Broadcast, Stream, Telecast IPL 2011 Matches On Internet Online
di - Live Cricket Broadcast, Stream, Telecast IPL 2011
di - Live Cricket Broadcast, Stream, Telecast IPL 2011

The Indian Premier League(IPL) gets bigger and better with every passing season. Started on the 8th of april, friday and has started grasping the greatest cricket-loving nation into its mesmerizing aroma and it is going to be in its full roaring form over the period of 51 days with every cricket maniac glued to the screen. But what about those who have some other commitments to take care of as well – jobs, personal business, traveling, etc.? Worry not folks, YouTube has come to your rescue once again.

Yes, it is true. In partnership with Indiatimes, YouTube is bringing you all the action straight from the pitch of this superstar cricket extravaganza. Fans can watch games as they happen, view entire past matches, and enjoy highlight clips of all 74 matches on Indiatimes’ YouTube Channel (

With 2 more teams – Pune Warriors and Kochi Tuskers Kerala, joining in the 4th grand cricketing treat, the taste will only get tastier. And what can we say about the opening match – +the returning champions Chennai Super Kings beating the Kolkata Knight Riders at home, is undoubtedly the best endorsement for T-Twenty cricket.

youtube - Live Cricket Broadcast, Stream, Telecast IPL 2011

That very first match and every other game of the IPL season will be webcast globally on YouTube (Note: 5 minute delay in India, match-length delay in U.S.), and the full-length videos of each match will be made available soon after they pull up stumps and retired to the pavilion. And this year everyone can watch the catch-up videos and highlights on their mobile phones as well as their computers.

So tune in as the match is happening. And if you missed a match (or want to watch in a more friendly time zone), view the whole thing later in the Past Matches tab.

And we all know that how is YouTube different and unique – you can always share, rate, and comment on videos throughout the channel, or upload your own video responses to the action.

So, go ahead guys, catch the action live, no matter wherever you are.