Listen Radio On Mac OS X Snow Leopard
di - Listen Radio On Mac OS X Snow Leopard
di - Listen Radio On Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Though we all have large collections of music on our hard drive, sometimes, we just want to get some fresh taste of music, and Internet radio streams are the best way to discover new music. Usually, when I get bored of the music in my library, I pick a music genre based on my mood, and listen to radio streams from or Grooveshark based on the genre.

While Grooveshark and are both services hosted on the web (though there are desktop clients for them in the market now), I would prefer using a desktop based client that integrates with my work environment.

Spin Music Free is a tiny app for Mac OS X, that acts as a hub for a large collection of Internet radio streams. It has a minimal presence on your system, and has no window at all, no home interface, no preferences dialog. It just sits in your Mac OS X status bar, and you can access it from the drop down menu that pops up when you click the icon.

Screen shot 2011 04 14 at 22412 AM - Listen Radio On Mac OS X Snow Leopard

The list of channels available on Spin Music are categorized based on genre. Below is a screenshot of the drop down menu from where you can select a station/genre you want to listen to.

Screen shot 2011 04 14 at 23237 AM - Listen Radio On Mac OS X Snow Leopard

In addition to the basic radio playing mechanism, Spin Music has integration with the iTunes Music Store. If a song comes on that you like, you can go to the Spin Music menu, and click on the ‘Download on iTunes’ button. You’ll be taken to the iTunes store page for that particular track/album.

You can also view a few of your recently played tracks from the menu, in case you missed a good song and want to listed to it again. Even the play/pause controls are accessible from the menu, since there is no interface. This minimalism is probably the biggest feature that Spin Music has to offer.

Spin Music can be downloaded for free from the Mac App Store.