Make Relationship Status Updates Private On Facebook
di - Make Relationship Status Updates Private On Facebo
di - Make Relationship Status Updates Private On Facebo

Facebook has become one of the best option to get the updates of our friends. And ofcourse similar is the case for them. Since we can’t contact everyone due to our busy life but the social networking is helpful to get the regular updates and to know about everyone. But it is not always the same we may not like to share all the updates with all the friends. There might be few in our friend list who are just so called friends. And one such thing which we prefer to share with the near ones only is our relationship status. There might be thousands of reasons which bounds you to share your relationship status with everybody. So, use the option to hide your relationship status update.

The relationship status can be hidden in two ways. Either you can select the friends from whom you want to hide the update or you can select the only friends with whom you want to share the status update. Both the ways will help you to do the things in the desirable manner. You can simply go through the steps given below to avail the facility.

Step 1 : Go to the Accounts menu present at the top.

Step 2 : Select the Privacy Settings option.

Step 3 : Click on Customise settings at the bottom. The Things I Share will appear as shown in the snapshot below. It shows the options that will be available for you.

sshot 3 thumb - Make Relationship Status Updates Private On Facebo

Step 4 : Go to the Relationships option and the window as shown below will be available for you.

sshot 4 thumb - Make Relationship Status Updates Private On Facebo

There are two types of options: Make this visible to and the another one is Hide this from. So, you can specify the required people in any of the one options. Now in Make this visible to can be selected for Friends of Friends, Friends Only, Only Me and the specific people where you can select the people according to the requirement who can see the update.+ Similarly in Hide this from will select the who should not be allowed to get the relationship status updates.

Step 5 : Select the options based on the required options.

Step 6 : The final step is to confirm the changes. So, select the Save Setting.

So, now onwards allow the people whom you want to know all the updates. This will help you to avoid the unwanted comments and the maintain your privacy. So, change the settings and enjoy the connectivity as per the requirement.