Speak Now To Translate Feature In Google Translate [Voice Translation Coming Soon]
di - Speak Now To Translate Feature In Google Translate
di - Speak Now To Translate Feature In Google Translate

Whenever I mention any of the update related the Google web services then I also tell you that Google has got the most versatile lists of the services over internet. Google has got their services related to maps, translation, mail, docs and many more. Google has gone for introducing a new feature in the Google Translate and this feature will help you to talk to any website or I should say that this feature will help you to convert your voice to text. In this post we will talk more about it.

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Google has introduced an API with the help of which you can translate your speech, now this can be used by many of the websites on their webpages, now once the user enter with the help of his or her speech then it will reach this API and then it will convert the text and reflect back the result to the webpage. If you are using the lates version of the Google Chrome then you can this feature by going to the Google Translation page, but make sure that you have got the Google Chrome 11 or Chrome 12 dev version.

For now, this is available for English language (being an international language). This is really very interesting feature being released by Google this time and they need to work on it long, as now when you will be using it then it may not give you the correct translation. You cannot expect the exact result as for now It will take some time for them to introduce the range of pronunciation of each word for every language. That’s really advanced as now in coming days you will not have to enter the data from you keyboard, this API will be helpful for the data entry people.

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