Quickly Open Recently Used Programs, Apps On Android Phone
di - Quickly Open Recently Used Programs, Apps On Andro
di - Quickly Open Recently Used Programs, Apps On Andro

As soon as new and smarter mobile phones like latest Symbian phones, iPhone and Android based phones entered the market, a new concept of multitasking was introduced which was exactly similar to what we do on our computers.

Opening several programs at once on our desktop is the most common thing and switching between them is the next easiest step. We also know that computers have cache memory which helps us in opening frequently used or recently used programs very quickly, but as far as mobile phones are concerned the convenience of opening a particular program which was recently accessed is not there except in iPhone and android devices.

If you are an android user then this post will give you a very small but immensely useful tip on how to open recently accessed programs such as games, applications etc+ in one or two seconds.

People who know+ how to do it are lucky enough but for the rest we are here to explain. Introducing you with the feature, one can access the last eight programs that were opened and can open them once again without scrolling your way through the menu.

Quickly open recently accessed programs on android thumb - Quickly Open Recently Used Programs, Apps On Andro

The above shows the window that pops up when you long press the Home button present at the bottom of the screen. This way, by pressing Home button for a second or so will open this particular window where you can see the recently opened programs and any of them can be opened for there only.+We guess it is a very useful tip and hope you do use it and make your ways more simple.