The Emperor of All Maladies written by Dr. Sidharth
Mukerji a history of Cancer an elegant inquiry,
at once clinical and personal into the long history
a deadly incurable disease that despite the treatment
still is be - devils for Medical Science. As told by Pulitzer
Prize Committee.

What is Pulitizer Prize?

Pulitzer prize are awarded by Columbia University,
New York City for outstanding public services and
achievement in American journalism, letters and

The Prize, endowed with a gift of $ 500,000 from
newspaper magnet Joseph Pulitzer have been
awarded each May since 1917. The awards are
on recommendations of Pultizer Prize Board, composed
of Judges appointed by the university.

Sidharth Mukerji winner of Pulitzer award was born
in New Delhi 1970 from a middle class family father
being in private co. mother a teacher. He went to
Staford where he majored biology. Won Rhodes
Scholership to Oxford and got his PHd. in immunology.
Attended Harward Medical School won Oncology
(Cancer) fellowship at Massachussetts General
Hospital. Asstt. Proffessor of Medicines at Columbia
University. Staff Cancer Physcian at the University
Medical Center.

What made him to write the
Cancer Book.?

Mukerjee was having a conversations with a stomache
cancer patient who told him that she was willing to
fight cancer, but needed to know what it was that
she was batteling with.? Mukerjee could not answer
her not could refer any book in this regard. He realised
the need of the time and urgency which drove him to
start writing. Most of the time he wrote on the bed,
popped up on pillows, by mastering the "art of full

He wrote most of it in 2010, his book, " The Emperor
of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer", went into
print, it contained the evolution, diagnosis and
treatment of human cancers from ancient Egypt to the
latest development in Chemothrapy.

In 2011, Times Magzine nominated Mukerjee in its
" 100 most influential people" along with artists, performers,
scients and politicians. Sidharth Muker jee said had
written this to change the way people look at this
deadly disease.

Mukerjee lives in New York, married
to artist Sarah Sze. having two
daughaters Leela and Arya.

Compiled by R. M. Dixit