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Thread: The Devastations of Music

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    Default The Devastations of Music

    The Devastations of Music


    Sayidunna Allamah Shami rehmatullah alaih has narrated that: “To dance (in a wiggling manner), to make fun of others, to clap, to play the strings of the sitar [Indian guitar] or harp [burbat] or violin [and it’s like], to play the flute [qanun], to ring bells, or to blow the bugle are all Makruh Tahrimi [Close to being Forbidden] because these are all customs of the disbelievers. Listening to the flute and other such [musical] instruments is also Haram [Forbidden]. If one hears them suddenly or unknowingly, then he is excused. However, it is Wajib [compulsory] upon him to make an ardent effort to avoid listening to the music further.” (Rad-dul-Muhtar, pp. 651, Vol: 9)


    Fortunate are those who listen to the Words of Allah azwajal [Quran], Praise of the Prophet sallalahu alaihi wasalla [Na’at], and the Sunnah-Inspiring speeches, and when they hear songs or music, with the righteous intention of gaining good deeds, they cover the auditory canal of the ear with their fingers and immediately move away from that place. Sayidunna Nafa’e radiallahu anhu' once stated , “(When I was young) I was going somewhere with Sayidunna ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar radiallahu anhu. Along the way we heard the notes of a flute; ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar radiallahu anhu put his fingers in his ears and moved to the other side of the road. After moving he asked, ‘Nafa’e radiallahu anhu! Can the sound [of the flute] still be heard?’ I replied, ‘Not anymore.’ Then he said, ‘One time I was traveling somewhere with the Rasulullah sallalahu alaihi wasallam ‑ and he did, just as I have done now.” (Sunan Abi Dawud, pp. 367, vol. 4, adiš. 4924)


    We learnt that we should cover the auditory canal in our ears with our fingers and move away from the source of sound as soon as we hear music. If we cover the auditory canal of our ears with the fingers, but remain there sitting or standing and do not move, or move slightly to the side, then we will not be able to guard ourselves from the music. It is Wajib [compulsory] to make an ardent effort to avoid music, weather we cover our ears or not.

    Nowadays; anywhere you go; in cars, in buses, in planes, at home, in shops, on the streets, and in restaurants, you can hear music and musical ringtones in cellular phones. If an ‘Aashiqan-e-Rasul [Devotee of the Prophet] blocks his ears with his fingers to distance himself with a righteous intention of avoiding sins; he is taunted and ridiculed.

    Who was the World’s First Singer ?

    Let me tell you who the world’s first singer was, “When Sayyiduna Adam Safiyyullah alaihi salam ate from the forbidden tree, the devil rejoiced and began to sing and when
    Sayyiduna Adam Safiyyullah alaihi salam passed away, the devil and Qabeel (the
    unfortunate son of Sayyiduna Adam alaihi salam, who became the world’s first murderer by killing his brother Sayyiduna Habeel alaihi salam out of jealousy) rejoiced. They got together and played the drum and other musical instruments to express their joy”.

    My Dear Brothers and sisters! So you see! The inventor of music is the accursed devil,
    therefore, he who listens to and plays music, in actual fact follows in the footsteps of the
    devil. Muslims have been forbidden to follow in his footsteps, as Allah says in the
    208 verse of Sura Al Baqarah: “O People who Believe! Enter Islam in full - and do not follow the footsteps of the devil; indeed he is your open enemy.”

    The Holy Prophet sallalaho alaihe wasallam said “If someone raises his voice with singing, Allah azwajal appoints 2 devils to accompany him. They sit on each of his shoulders, one on the right & the other on the left, and both of them kick him with their feet until he stops singing. (dur-e-manthur, V6, P506, Dar-ul-Fikr Beirut)

    Sayyiduna Allama Jalaludeen Suyuti Shafi’ee rehmatullah alaih says, “Keep away from music, because it incites feelings of lust, destroys shame, and it is like wine, it intoxicates”. (Tafseer dur-e-manthur, V6, P506, Dar-ul-Fikr Beirut) Those of you who watch films, listen to music, and show interest in games & amusements, should repent to Allah azwajal immediately, Alaah azwajal says in the 6th verse of Surh Luqmaan (part 21) “And some people buy words of play, in order to mislead from Allah’s path, without knowledge; and to make it as article of mockery; for them is a disgraceful punishment”.

    Remember! Watching films & dramas, and listening to music is Haraam nad leads to hell. You will be shocked to learn that movie songs are also aimed at stealing our faith from us
    The terrible effect and result of movie songs was realised by some brothers and they immediately corrected their ways. At the same time some questions arose, for example:
    (1) Listening to movie songs, and statements of kufr in the songs, our good deeds were worthless. How is it possible to stop this in the future?
    (2) If we have ill feelings or suspicions about people that sing or listen to such songs, what is the order against us?
    (3) Is the order of infidelity (kufr) on all those that listen to or sing such songs?
    (4) Most people do not know that these songs contain words of kufr; will they also be guilty of such a big crime?

    Hazrat Allama Ali Qari alaihir rahmah states in Sharha Fiqh Akbar that, "If one speaks words of kufr but he does not realise they are words of kufr, is such a person an infidel (kafir) or not?" (Page 202) He writes the opinions of various scholars on this matter and here are the words in his book.

    "One opinion is that he should not be classed as a non believer because he is crippled by ignorance and lack of knowledge. Another opinion is that he will be classed a non believer and will not be regarded as being crippled by lack of knowledge and ignorance. I say that the first opinion is crystal clear, however, if the words of kufr are in relation to any of the necessities of the religion, then the person will definitely be an infidel and ignorance and lack of knowledge are not considered crippling in this instance."

    If one hears these words of kufr and considers them bad in his heart, and has hatred for the singer, or says or writes something bad about the singer, there is no accusation or blame on such a person. Rather, hatred for infidelity is a sign of true faith. If one sings those verses with enthusiasm, listens to them fervently, reads them enthusiastically, or is pleased with them, then such a person will be classified as an infidel.

    Where there is suspicion and doubt as to whether one had listened or sung such lyrics with enthusiasm and passion, if the habit of the person was to listen to music and songs, then he should renew his faith and his marriage (Nikah).This is better for him in this world and the hereafter. Repentance and renewing faith are worthy of reward at all times.

    Method of Repentance and Renewing Faith:

    "O Merciful, Beneficent One! I express hatred and disgust for the Kufr that I have knowingly or unknowingly uttered, specifically….. (e.g. I sang a song enthusiastically, or heard it, or spoke it etc) or anything else other than that small or large, new or old. I promise that I will never hear, or speak or sing these words of kufr again. You are the Creator of all, the Wise, and All-Knowing One. You are free of all faults and blemishes, and I testify that there is no deity worthy of worship except You, and Muhammad sallalaho alaihe wasallam is Your true Prophet. Ashado Al Laa Ilaha Illal Laaho Wa Ash Hado Anna Muhammadan Abdohu Wa Rasoolah." You have repented and also renewed your faith.

    It is important to remember the following points.

    - The words of kufr in the song must be mentioned and disgust and hatred has to be expressed for them
    - Be sincerely sorry and regret what you have done completely
    - Be firm in your promise in the Court of Allah Ta'ala never to do it again
    - Whichever necessities of Islam were negated by your words of kufr, accept that in your heart and renew your faith in that with your tongue.
    - Then pray kalimah e shahadah and become a Muslim.

    This can be done at home or in the Mosque. It can be done in public or in private. If the sin was committed in public, the repentance should also be done in public. If many people were guilty of the sin, then the repentance can be done in a large gathering simultaneously.

    Method of Renewing the Marriage (Nikah)

    Renewing the marriage means to give new mehr (dowry) and to perform Nikah again. It is not necessary to have a big gathering and complete all the customs that were done the first time. Nikah is the name of proposing and accepting. Once a proposal is made and that is accepted, the Nikah is complete. However, it is necessary to have witnesses. It is sufficient to have two males, or one male and two females, and the Nikah should be completed. The witnesses can be family members, e.g. mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter. The sermon (khutbah) is desirable, if you do not know the sermon, simply recite Aoozo Billah, Bismillah, and Alhamdo Shareef, this is sufficient.

    In the presence of the witnesses, after the sermon or the method mentioned above, the man should say, "I am performing Nikah with you in exchange for (e.g. 251 Rupees) mehr." Then the lady should reply, "I accept." That's it. Nikah is done. If the lady is educated, she can pray the sermon and do the first part and the man can say, "I accept."

    If the lady wants to forgive the dowry she can do so and will be deserving of reward for it. But she should be pressured into this. She can be requested but not forced. It does not befit a man that for a small amount of money, he places undue pressure on his wife. Whatever amount was agreed upon should be given to the lady right away and if you don't have the means then some time should be requested from the wife.

    Easy Method of Avoiding Infidelity (Kufr):

    In Bahaar E Shariat it states that a Hadith mentions that stay away from polytheism (shirk), it is more hidden than a trap set for ants. There is a dua reported from a Hadith that should be recited three times each day. Rasool Allah sallalaho alaihe wasallam said, "to safeguard yourself from polytheism, recite the following dua, Allahumma Inni A-oo-zobey-ka min an oosh-reyka shay-anw wa ana a'lamo wa astag feruka lema laa a'lamo innaka anta allamul goyoob." (Part 9, page 162-163)

    Infidelity (Kufr) is under the same ruling as polytheism (shirk), therefore this dua will safeguard us from both these diseases. It is a condition to avoid literature about movies and avoid songs from movies. May Allah Ta'ala, through the sadqa of His Beloved Prophet sallalaho alaihe wasallam, protect all Muslims from this terrible evil. Aameen.

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    Default Re: The Devastations of Music


    we must quit music
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