Now Allegation from Indian Media at Pakistani's .... Website of upcoming movie of Sharukh Khan Ra.One has been hacked and now they claiming that this crime has been done by Pakistani Hackers read the news

"Official web page hacked on Thursday.
infact fan based page related to Ra.One was similarly hacked. Apparently, the said breach was the handy work of certain Pakistani cyber criminals who stated that they were seeking revenge for a similar cyber attack on the Karachi Press Club website.The other site that was hacked was defaced with a note saying, "SeeKer was here!!! A news has reched to me that s0me of indian Lamers hack Pak press club. Listen u script Kiddies . Stop hacking Paki sites or u will darely pay"

There is no as such news or police report frm shahrukhs company abt this issue its just indian media who blaming Pakistan as always ...

Look at our artists who r dying to work in India