Mark Webber was pleased with his qualifying performance after a lack of KERS left him fourth on the grid for the Canadian Grand Prix.

10472 - Mark Webber pleased with recovery

Webber was forced to sit out the whole of FP3 as Red Bull tried to fix a KERS problem, costing him valuable track time. Although the team thought it had fixed the problem in time for qualifying, Webber said it failed on the installation lap and therefore his fourth position was the best he could have hoped for.

"It was good actually, I was happy with how we recovered," Webber told the BBC. "I couldn't have got much more out of the car I don't think - I didn't have any KERS for qualifying so that certainly hurt my performance and certainly a front row would have been nice to have had back for this session but in the end the guys did everything they could to get it ready and in the we didn't have any KERS so that's where we are.

"Fourth is towards the front for sure, and it's a long grand prix tomorrow, it's a mixed race here we know; there's a bit of weather around particularly tomorrow so it'll be an interesting race tomorrow."

Webber said that the team had worked hard on trying to rectify the problem, and that it would be doing the same again tonight to try and get the system working for the race.

"We were pretty confident we did what we could to get it fixed, and then on the formation lap going out for the first run it +++++ed, so we were trying to recover it for Q3, obviously for the all important laps, but in the end it didn't come back in to life.

"Again we'll try and find out tonight, the guys are busting their arses to do what they can out here. Obviously it's not easy when you're not in the middle of a factory to try and fix things so they're doing what they can in the field to get on top of things."

Team principal Christian Horner praised Webber's performance and said he too hoped that Red Bull would be able to fix the problem overnight.

"Mark without the benefit of KERS has done a superb recovery after missing P3 this morning," Horner said. "He didn't have the use of it during the session there so hopefully we can rectify it tonight under Parc Ferme within the regulations."