Andy Murray has vowed never to bottle up his emotions on court, with the Scot insisting he fears wasting vital energy by attempting to keep a lid on his temper.

25772 - Andy Murray vows to keep on roaring

The Scot will head to Wimbledon next week high on confidence, having secured his second win at Queen's. He will also make the trip to SW19 with criticism ringing in his ears.

Tennis greats Martina Navratilova and John McEnroe have questioned Murray's approach on court, feeling he is hindering his chances of glory by his occasional outbursts of emotion.

Murray is aware his moments of hot-headedness have caught the eye, but he feels it would be counterproductive to change the way he approaches his matches.

"There is always the danger of getting too frustrated and going into Wimbledon, I have to stay level headed and then, when the time is right, use up some of that emotional energy on court," he told the Evening Standard. "You cannot do that from the first to the last point because it does get too tiring.

"However, you don't want to be using up lots of energy thinking all the time on court: 'Don't say anything, don't say anything'. As long as you are thinking about the next point and being positive then that's the most important thing.You don't want to keep negative thoughts bottled up for too long and it does need to be released.

"There are times in matches when you need to bring those emotions to the surface but against Tsonga, I thought I handled it well. In the previous match with Andy Roddick, I didn't get myself too pumped up and I was really pleased at how focused I stayed. I will need that at Wimbledon.

"I am going into Wimbledon with the feeling I am going to win the tournament. I don't think you can have any other attitude and I believe I am playing good tennis."