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Thread: celebrities talking about their marriage

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    celebrities talking about their marriage

    The couples on-screen look so wonderful together! Wow! They both are married in real, awww... that’s so sweet.

    That’s what we take on face value. Life in showbiz is very hectic so imagine if both the man and wife are related to the entertainment industry, how difficult it must be for them to manage their work lives with their love lives. This week You! talks to five celebrity couples about marriage, love and ... their spouse!1513 6 28 2011 1 - celebrities talking about their marriage

    1 How do you manage work with your home, especially after marriage?

    2 Has there ever been an element of competition or jealousy between you two?

    3 What is one most irritating and one most comforting habit of your spouse?

    4 What are the three tips for a happy married life?1513 6 28 2011 2 - celebrities talking about their marriage

    5 If not him/her, whom would you have

    considered for marriage?

    Aamina Sheikh

    1- The key idea is to delegate responsibilities and balance it all out. I must add, my in-laws help us a lot too. As far as taking out time for each other is concerned, at the end of the day we return to the same house. Hence, we always find time for each other.

    2- Never! Mohib is my biggest strength. It’s like we speak the same language without even saying much to each other. We constantly keep on pointing at each others’ flaws and strengths, so that one can improvise the other. Mohib is more tuned in with the technicalities of the medium so he keeps helping me. Ours is a very healthy relationship even when it comes to work.1513 6 28 2011 3 - celebrities talking about their marriage

    3- Most irritating: Well, nothing serious, just the general male habits. He is lazy at times. Besides, he is an insomniac so at times I have to stay up with him that makes me grumpy the next day so I keep blaming him for it.

    Most comforting: He has a clean mind and heart. He is not hypocritical. He is honest and open minded.

    4- i. Quality communication.

    ii. Be friends with your spouse.

    iii. Do not have unreasonable expectations.

    5- I don’t think I’d be married if it wasn’t for Mohib. I am still surprised I got married so early but then, a good decision made!1513 6 28 2011 4 - celebrities talking about their marriage

    Mohib Mirza

    1- Our whole family is very well connected to each other. It’s not just about me and Aamina but even my parents are constantly in touch with us so it’s never a problem for us to balance home and work. We might be far apart but we are tuned to each other’s train of thought, hence things are very easy to manage.

    2- I have been in this business for a long time now while Aamina’s career started right after our marriage. If it wasn’t for my support, it would have been really difficult for her to move ahead so there is no point of jealousy or even competition between us. I am extremely happy and proud of her achievements.

    3- Most irritating: Sometimes she pushes me to do certain things which I tend to postpone due to my laziness. I know it’s for my own good but sometimes that bothers me.

    Most comforting: She is a human being first and then a celebrity. She is extremely humble, down to earth and unpretentious!

    4- i. Understanding; in terms of open mindedness. You should be ready to grasp other person’s point of view even if it goes against your norms.1513 6 28 2011 5 - celebrities talking about their marriage

    ii. Communication.

    iii. Friendship.

    5- Honestly speaking, I don’t think there could be anyone like Aamina. I can’t even think of anyone else.

    Sunita Marshall

    1- It’s not that difficult actually. I don’t take too much pressure on me. In fact, I am not working right now as I just had a baby and my complete focus is on my family.

    2- Not at all! Competition is between the same genders, not in the opposite ones. In fact, it’s excellent because we understand each other’s timings and don’t fuss about trivial stuff.

    3- Most irritating: He likes to spend time with his friends and that just gets to me sometimes.

    Most comforting: Hasan is very responsible and he takes very good care of his family. With him I am at ease that nothing will go wrong.

    4- i. Compromise: It’s very important in a relationship.

    ii. Balance: You should be intelligent enough to try and balance your work with home.

    iii. Don’t be possessive.

    5- Well..... never thought about it. Probably, Johnny Depp.

    Hasan Ahmed

    1- Oh! It’s easy! Since both Sunita and I are in the same field, we understand each other’s work very well. Sometimes, I get very late but she understands and doesn’t hold it against me. Then, there are days when I am completely free so that’s the time I spend with my family.

    2- I may admit over here that initially I was a bit envious because Sunita was already established and I was quite new to the field, and sometimes it becomes really difficult for a man to digest that. But now I am doing a lot of work and have proved myself too, so jealousy or competition no more exists between us.1513 6 28 2011 6 - celebrities talking about their marriage

    3- Most irritating: I talk a lot while I am driving and Sunita is usually very quiet so that irritates me a bit. Besides, if she doesn’t get food on time she gets irritated and stays mum... basically, I don’t like her silent mode.

    Most comforting: She is very understanding.

    4- i. Honesty: As a man, it’s imperative to be honest. A lot of men tend to be all sweet and caring before marriage and then change colours afterwards. That shouldn’t happen.

    ii. Practical: Usually couples end up in emotional trauma that gets people nowhere so you should be extremely practical about life.

    iii. Compromise.

    5- No idea. I have met a lot of girls both at work and outside but I never thought anyone was marriage material until I met Sunita.

    Shaiyanne Malik

    1. I have always managed my home and kids with my work; my children being my priority. Here, your management skills come in handy.

    2. Well I wouldn’t say jealousy but yes a man’s ego does get the better of

    him at times and he gets quite upset if I don’t take his suggestions.

    3. Most irritating: His continuous instructions every time I drive which is very often. Most comforting: He is a very honest person.

    4. i. Respect

    ii. Respect

    iii. Respect

    5. I married at 17 so there were really no other considerations.

    Sohail Malik

    1- Chaotically! Actually, we have already distributed the work and most of the things are done on a monthly basis so that doesn’t really interfere with our work.

    2- We work in different fields so that doesn’t happen to us. In fact her work complements mine, whenever we are working together.

    3- Most irritating: She takes too many things on her plate. She wants to do everything on her own.

    Most comforting: She is thorough in whatever she gets herself into.

    4- i. Tolerance

    ii. Consideration for the other person.

    iii. Genuine liking for your partner.

    5- I explored a lot of options before marriage and I didn’t find anyone like Shaiyanne.

    Nida Yasir

    1- Oh! I won’t lie; it is very difficult, especially now since I am doing a morning show too. But, I have great household help so everything is managed just fine. Plus if my kids need me, I can always take an early off and rush to them. After all, I left acting because my home was being neglected but since my kids are grown up enough to have their lives, I have resumed working.

    2- Never! He is a director and I am a host but even when we were actors, competition never crossed our paths.

    3- Most irritating: He sleeps late at night but I have to start off early, so I get aggravated when he disturbs me in the middle of the night. Besides, he is unpredictable. He can make an issue out of trivial matters but at the same time, he can ignore my big mistakes and pretend like nothing happened

    Most comforting: He is not an egoist and puts relationship before differences.

    4- i. Be flexible and don’t let ego come in between.

    ii. Don’t be too suppressed by your partner

    iii. Respect his family and make him respect yours.

    5- I never wanted to marry in showbiz so if it wasn’t Yasir, I wouldn’t have married someone in the industry at all.

    Yasir Nawaz

    1- I don’t mix work with home. If I am at a recording, I am completely there or vice versa. I don’t believe in going to parties or working on one’s PR after work, instead I prefer to go home and spend time with my wife and kids. So, both get my time equally.

    2- Nah! She can’t play my characters and I can’t be her. We work together but our genres are completely different so there has never been an element of insecurity between us.

    3- Most irritating: Well, it’s typically husband issues. For instance, I ask her to keep my clothes ready or cook something special for me, and she fails to do so... that annoys me!

    Most comforting: She has taken really good care of our home, our families, our kids and of course she has taken care of me as well, and I really respect her for that.

    4- i. Thoughtfulness.

    ii. Arguments

    iii. Priority to home. Work is important too but in the long run it’s your family who is going to be there for you. You should never neglect your family for work.

    5- Hmmm.... Dangerous question. Probably, Katrina Kaif!

    Meesha Shafi

    1- Since we just had our first born, we now realise the importance of running a home in a better way. Mahmood and I have both been raised by working mothers, but neither of us feel like we were neglected or that our parents’ work suffered. Our parents have already shown us how it’s done.

    2- It sounds too good to be true, but we are both genuinely very supportive and encourage each other. We might be in the same field but we specialise in different areas of music. I am a vocalist and also a spokesperson for a leading cosmetics’ company while Mahmood is a musician/producer which means that we are lucky we complement each other, often without having to go to someone else for work.

    3- Most irritating: Mahmood plans and schedules everything in advance, which is a big plus but sometimes things don’t go as you have mapped them out in your head. A little flexibility is an asset in such situations.

    Most comforting: For me, Mahmood’s best quality is his willingness to communicate and share things with me. Most men avoid discussing their issues or hearing their spouse’s. It’s very important for any relationship to maintain a healthy amount of dialogue.

    4- i. Marry someone who understands you, not someone you have to change yourself for.

    ii. Habits can be broken but personalities shouldn’t be altered. If you stifle the very qualities that make you who you are, you’ll be unhappy in the end and unable to make each other happy.

    iii. Give each other’s hopes and dreams their due importance.

    5- It’s difficult to imagine life without Mahmood as my husband. He was made for me. Besides, I obviously hadn’t come across anyone fit to marry till I met Mahmood, otherwise I’d be married by the time I got to know him.

    Mahmood Rahman

    1- We plan to take life in our stride rather than choosing between any two things of importance. The idea is not to stress ourselves out and find a middle way so that our home and work both get our love and affection.

    2- For many men, a strong, successful woman is often threatening and undesirable. Luckily, I am not insecure at all. I love it when Meesha does good work and I am extremely proud of her achievements.

    3- I believe Meesha’s best and worst quality are one and the same: her OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) about neatness. On one hand, it’s great that I know where everything is, how clean our house is, and how well arranged everything is, but on the other hand, she’s a little too particular about the way things are.

    4- i. Understanding

    ii. Frankness

    iii. Respect

    5- In retrospect, I realise now that nobody I met before Meesha was worth my time or emotions. Spending a lifetime with one person is a serious commitment and my past relationships were one dimensional; they could never have held my interest for a life long journey.

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