An internet company filed a £260million lawsuit against Google on Tuesday, claiming the search engine unfairly squeezed out competitors.

article 1309332753839 0CC6B04A00000578 963582 304x156 - Search rival 1plusV sues Google for £260million
Google is being sued by a French rival for allegedly discriminating against them in its search results (AFP)

French company 1plusV, operator of more than 30 speciality search engines, said it was mounting the largest single claim of its kind in Europe against Google.

1plusV is one of four companies - including Google's longstanding rivals Microsoft - that have accused Google of abusing its dominant position by giving preference to its own services in search results at the expense of rival sites.

The allegations have triggered an investigation by the European Commission.

Google declined to comment in detail about the complaint, which it said it had just received.

However, Google spokesman Al Verney said: ‘We always try to do what’s best for our users. It’s the key principle that drives our company and we look forward to explaining this.’