Luke Yeomans - described as Britain's answer to Steve Irwin - has been killed by one of his venomous king cobras.

article 1309420112939 0CCA244100000578 550016 466x310 - Venomous king cobra snake kills breeder Luke
Snake breeder Luke Yeomans, who died after being bitten by one of his King Cobras (Picture: Raymonds Press)

The conservationist from Eastwood, Nottingham, is believed to have died after receiving a poisonous snake bite in his home.
Police rushed to the property in Brookhill Leys Road around 2pm and he was pronounced dead at the scene after suffering a suspected heart attack.
Mr Yeomans, aged in his 40s, was due to unveil his King Cobra Sanctuary breeding colony to the public at the weekend.
It was to offer people the chance to see the king cobras in a breeding colony.
He recently told the BBC that people thought he was mad to spend so much time with the highly dangerous creatures.
He said: 'People do say that I am mad but I say it's better than people saying you're bad.
'I think everything I am doing is good.'
Writing on the King Cobra Sanctuary before the tragedy, Mr Yeomans said: 'The King Cobra Sanctuary was born from my lifelong love for this amazing snake species and my concerns that it could eventually disappear from the wild.
'With 30 years experience of the King Cobra, myself and my daughter Nicole - now in our third year of the project, will maintain a breeding colony of this large and dangerous, but also misunderstood venomous snake.'
An investigation by the the Health and Safety Executive is now under way.
The snake was successfully contained and there is no danger to the public.