Adrian Sutil believes Force India could benefit from the regulation clarification that has banned the blowing of diffusers off-throttle.

10604 - Sutil expects minimal losses

The FIA has banned the practice from this weekend's British Grand Prix, causing all of the teams to lose downforce. While each team is unsure how much time it will lose relative to the others, Sutil said he thinks the impact of the changes will be very small on the VJM04 and that the team can be competitive in the race.

"I think we can have a good weekend here," Sutil said. "With the new rules regarding engine maps I think it's just going to help us... It will hurt us less."

Sutil said that the main reason was that the team had been unable to optimise the system in reality compared to the figures it was getting in development.

"It doesn't seem like we are losing too much, the drivability of the car is very similar also without those maps. It was my feeling that with the blown diffuser, we couldn't get out everything as it was actually planned and sometimes the wind tunnel was telling us much better numbers and on the circuit it didn't really work. So it didn't translate to the circuit. Now, going back to normal settings, the balance will be quite good and as I said I think the others are going to lose more than ourselves."