Mark Zuckerberg closes off Google+ account, then uncloses it again

article 1310657025435 0D180CCC000005DC 344922 636x300 - Mark Zuckerberg closes off Google+ account
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has reappeared on rival social network Google+, after a quick bout of now-you-see-me, now-you-don't privacy setting roulette.

Zuck - who has consistently been the most followed person on Google's much-hyped new Facebook rival, even beating out Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin - suddenly when dark, with his privacy settings locked down so nobody could see which people (or how many) had him in their circles.

He wasn't the only one either - Brin, Page and Google+ project lead Vic Gundotra also suddenly went more private at some point last night, and nobody knows quite why.

The chart of Google+'s most popular individuals, kept by Google+ user (and co-founder of TwitterCounter and The Next Web) Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten at his social statistics website, showed that tech blogger Robert Scoble was the new most popular Google+ user - but no sooner had Scoble had the chance to bask in this new found glory than Zuckerberg, Page, Brin and Gundotra all reappeared as suddenly as they vanished.
Assuming that all four tech executives didn't have a cross-company pact to confuse people by disappearing and re-appearing at the same time, it seems more likely to us that their privacy lockdown was down to either a glitch, or an experiment being carried out by Google+ engineers. Google has made it clear that Google+ is a 'field trial', so things might occasionally not work.
The other alternative is that Zuckerberg - who famously said that he didn't think privacy was a 'social norm' any longer - suddenly got hit by a bout of shyness, and decided to try out the (rather widely praised) privacy settings on Google+.