A British teenager has been arrested under the Computer Misuse Act after it was alleged he was involved in the cyber attacks carried out by Anonymous and Lulzsec.

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The arrest was a result of a combined investigation carried out by Scotland Yard's specialist cyber crime unit, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Dutch police.
Sixteen people were arrested in the US and five in the Netherlands, all suspected of being involved with a number of recent Lulzsec and Anonymous hacks.
The arrests follow hot on the heels of a sting in the US, which saw 14 people suspected of being responsible for the recent PayPal hack taken into custody.
More than 60 people allegedly linked to either or both groups have now been arrested worldwide, including eight in Britain.

Scotland Yard's Police Central e-Crime Unit's recent efforts saw five people arrested during raids in January, one in April and a further person was taken into custody last month.
Lulzsec has also used the recent phone hacking scandal to hit the headlines.
The group was responsible for hacking The Sun's website, using the opportunity to post a story claiming Rupert Murdoch had died, hours before he was due to be questioned by a Select Committee in London.