Fernando Alonso says Sebastian Vettel should not worry about his championship lead even if he is unable to win races for the rest of this season.

11206 - Vettel shouldn't worry - Alonso

Vettel's lead currently stands at 77 points - more than three clear race wins - over his team-mate Mark Webber, and 82 points over Lewis Hamilton. His fourth place in Germany last weekend was the first time Vettel had not been on the podium this season, however, and saw his championship lead shrink for only the second time in 2011.

Alonso, though, says that Vettel has an easy task of trying to wrap up the world title, with only consistent points finishes required in what has so far been the dominant car.

"I don't know what's in his (Vettel's) head," Alonso told EFE. "But if I was him I would not be at all nervous. He only needs to have fourth, fifth places until the end of the season to be champion. And I think if I had a Red Bull and I had to do fourths and fifths I would not be very worried. I don't think (Lewis) Hamilton would be (worried) either,"