Flight Aisam experienced terribly scary flight

Pakistan’s tennis ace, Aisam ul Haq experienced a terribly scary flight on his way to Philadelphia from Montreal after taking part in Rogers Cup in Montreal.

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On his way to Cincinnati from Montreal Aisam was accompanied by his doubles partner Indian, Rohan Bopanna, Aisam’s coach Robert Davis and Bopanna’s coach Shayamal, said the information made available here on Thursday. Aisam was sitting in emergency exit row reading a magazine when a flight attendant approached him and said “Sir, we might need you to operate the emergency door” and that made Aisam attentive. The 70-minute flight to Philadelphia had been bounced around by severe turbulence the entire flight and passengers were already nervous. Then the pilot announced that they would be in a holding pattern for about 30 minutes longer. Finally, with landing gear down the pilot began his approach to the Philadelphia International Airport. With the runway in sight, he quickly aborted landing and the pulled the plane nose up and back up into the storm clouds.