Michael Schumacher says that he has made mistakes during his 20 years in Formula One, but is proud with what he has achieved.

11402 - Schumacher has 'not many regrets'

Since making his debut for Jordan at Spa in 1991 Schumacher has won seven world titles and secured 78 race victories, but some of those have been tainted by incidents such as his clashes with Damon Hill at Adelaide in 1994 and Jacques Villeneuve at Jerez in 1997. Looking back at the 20 years since making his debut, Schumacher admitted he had made mistakes, but said overall he was pleased with how his career had gone.

"Certainly I guess in any person's career you look at it and you think well, what has happened?," Schumacher said. "You take a summary, you make almost an account, and I have to say that in my case taking the twenty years, taking all that I've been doing, certainly going backwards I would do certain things different.

"But then in life I think you have to do some mistakes to understand that it is a mistake and to sort of set your guidelines. And all in all, I guess that the vest that I'm wearing inside me is pretty white, and I'm pretty happy about this. I've not many regrets and overall certainly feel very excited and proud of what has happened."

Schumacher has yet to stand on the podium since returning to Formula One in 2010, and despite increased expectations this year Mercedes has still been comfortably off the pace of Red Bull, McLaren and Ferrari. Looking forward to his next race, Schumacher says that even if the Spa circuit suits the Mercedes it still can't aim any higher than the fourth row.

"It is what it is. We have to face the reality and the reality is at the moment that we are sort of the fourth strongest team and the gaps to the front are unfortunately too big to battle with those guys unless there are unusual circumstances. Maybe this track potentially suits us a little bit more but the gaps are too big to really make an impression to the guys up front. So seventh and eighth, that's our possible target that we can achieve and that's what we're going to aim for."