Jenson Button says he feels "very proud" to have prevented Sebastian Vettel from winning the driver's championship in Singapore.

11939 - Button proud to delay title

Vettel secured the victory he needed at Marina Bay, meaning that one of Button, Mark Webber or Fernando Alonso needed to finish second to stop him claiming the title. It was Button who managed to do so with an impressive drive, meaning he is now the only driver still in with a mathematical chance of winning the championship. Button said he was happy with the result, but that he knows he is delaying the inevitable.

"I feel very proud I stopped Seb from winning the championship in Singapore, that he was unable to celebrate it here," Button told Press Association Sport. "So I'm very happy - but we all know it's going to happen at the next race."

Button also revealed that he was battling illness before the race, and had to stock up on carbohydrates to get through the race.

"I was ill yesterday morning. I don't know where it came from, but when you do have it you're massively dehydrated. I was a kilo and a half lighter than I normally am in the morning and putting that weight back on was quite difficult.

"So I 'Immodiumed' up, ate a lot of pasta because carbohydrates help you soak up liquid and drank a lot of special drinks from Aki (McLaren team doctor Aki Hintsa), his salty water drinks. So I was good by the race, I managed to get my weight back up, and I got through it."