Troubled Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez could lose out on £2 million of wages should the club prove that he was guilty of gross misconduct when he refused to come on as a substitute.

29714 - Mancini snub could cost Tevez £2m

City suspended Tevez after his controversial behaviour in Munich on Tuesday, though he is still taking home the entirety of his staggering £250,000-a-week wages.

The Argentinean star's reputation has taken a pounding since he refused to take to the field during the 2-0 Champions League defeat to Bayern Munich, but he could now also be hit financially.

ESPNsoccernet can disclose that Tevez wanted to leave the country with his family to escape the furore caused by events at the Allianz Arena, but his plans were scuppered when City demanded he attend an internal inquiry on Monday.

"We have not placed any restrictions on Carlos Tevez's travel plans nor have we vetoed them," a City insider told ESPNsoccernet. "He is required to take part in the clubs internal examination of what occurred."

The former club captain will have the opportunity to persuade his employers that he was not at fault in Munich, though City are believed to be building a case that will prove Tevez's actions constituted gross misconduct.

Should he be found guilty, the club will seek to punish him with a retrospective fine for the initial two-week suspension, and would then apply to players' union, the Professional Footballers' Association (PFA), to have the suspension and fine extended for six further weeks, which would see fines totalling £2 million.

That would leave just over a month left before the opening of the January transfer window, and the best Tevez can hope for is a run out in the reserves.

Whatever the outcome of next week's hearing, there is no chance of Tevez ever playing for Roberto Mancini's first team again.

ESPNsoccernet has been informed that the "collective indignation" that greeted Tevez's actions still persists and that point of view shows no sign of subsiding.