Change attitude, not lifestyle

Jaya RowJaya Row | Oct 13, 2011, 12.00AM IST

There are many who believe that to turn spiritual you have to change your

wardrobe, diet and lifestyle and adopt a sombre and boring pattern. This does not appeal to those who continue in their materialistic ways. A few inspired ones change everything except their thinking! They fail to benefit, get frustrated and give up. Rare is the wise one who focusses only on 'attitude'. And succeeds!

You have a fundamental choice in every situation, at every moment. You can be unhappy and complain. Or you can be happy and cheerful. It has nothing to do with the world or what it presents. You could have the best of things and still be miserable. You may have nothing and yet be deliriously happy. The difference is in your attitude.

In life, everyone is denied a few things. But all of us have been blessed with millions of gifts. If you focus on what you do not have, you will be unhappy. If you choose to focus on the things you have, you are grateful and you develop an irresistible desire to share, contribute, and give. This makes you happy. The most precious things come for free, which you do not even consider! Hence you live life feeling deprived and deficient when, in fact, you could be totally fulfilled and abundant.