Sebastian Vettel says that Red Bull's approach to 2011 will not change despite having wrapped up the drivers' championship.

12180 - Vettel won't change approach

Vettel confirmed his second world title at Suzuka last weekend after dominating the season. The year has been a stark contrast to his first title in 2010 when Vettel secured the championship at the last race of the season having not led the standings at any point. Vettel said that his emotions had been a bit more reserved due to the nature of victory.

"Yeah, it is obviously a big difference," Vettel said. "I think last year we did it the last minute and we always kept believing and got it done in the very end of the championship. We never led the championship. This year it has been a different story. We led it from start to finish so it is obviously a different year."

As the title drew nearer Vettel maintained that he would go out to win every race rather than just score points, and he said that he would maintain that approach despite the championship being confirmed.

"Even though it was likely and the championship got closer and closer in the last couple of races we always tried to focus on that particular race. In some ways when I crossed the line, of course we knew we could have done maybe a little bit better and always you have the freshest emotions in your head and we knew what we could have done better for that race on Sunday.

"We got beaten by Jenson and Fernando. We would have loved to win, but we are out again this weekend and try to get another win. Surely the championship in that regard is decided but it doesn't change anything to our approach really."