Fernando Alonso says his target for the rest of the season is still to win one of the remaining races, but admits "it is going to be difficult".

12187 - Alonso targets 'difficult' victories

Having initially said he wanted to secure second in the drivers' championship, Alonso changed tack ahead of the Japanese Grand Prix to target a race victory. Despite finishing just 1.1s behind race-winner Jenson Button at Suzuka, Alonso said that his aim was now a tough one, and with a large gap to McLaren in the constructors' championship Ferraris' priority would be to secure a win.

"I will try to win one race if possible," Alonso said. "We know it will be difficult. Red Bull will remain favourites for the remaining races. McLaren is very strong at this part of the championship as well, so we know it is going to be difficult. But we will try every Sunday, we will try to enjoy racing, with obviously not the pressure of the championship position or whatever, as I think finishing, second, third or fifth in the drivers' championship is not a big difference.

"Once you cannot be World Champion it is not any more a big interest on that. And then in the constructors' championship, which is maybe more important, McLaren are still quite a long way ahead of us, so we need to do the maximum, but we know it is also going to be difficult to catch them."

Alonso also said that the lack of pressure for the championship would allow Ferrari to be more aggressive in races.

"As I said try and enjoy racing like we did at Suzuka last weekend, when you can be aggressive on the starts, you can play a little bit with the strategy. We can enjoy Sundays, try do good races, maximise the potential of the car and if we do that then we know a podium is very possible and as I said if there is one opportunity to win one of the remaining grands prix we try to take it."