45048 50871052 - Dad not easily pleased with his performance:Ranbir
Ranbir Kapoor says he was very nervous to share the screen space alongside his father Rishi Kapoor.

Ranbir Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor were spotted together for the first time on-screen when they shot for a commercial recently.

Rishi Kapoor is apparently Ranbir’s biggest critic and is not easily pleased with his performance. The groovy looking actor was very nervous when he had to shoot alongside papa Rishi as his biggest motive in life is to be appreciated for his work by his father.

The actor said that Rishi Kapoor has not liked any of his films so far. Speaking about his dad, who is very hard to please, Ranbir says, “At best dad will say not bad.”

Ranbir, however, find that quality admirable as he is constantly striving to do better. During the shoot of the advertisement, Ranbir Kapoor was afraid that if he did not perform well on camera, his father will realise he is a terrible actor.