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Thread: 30 Madani Pearls Regarding Travelling for Hajj

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    Default 30 Madani Pearls Regarding Travelling for Hajj

    Thirty (30) Madani Pearls Regarding Travelling for Hajj

    1. When you are about to depart, seek forgiveness from your family, friends and associates regarding the rights which you may have violated. It becomes incumbent upon the people from whom forgiveness is sought to forgive whole-heartedly.

    It is stated in a Hadis that whomsoever is approached for forgiveness by an Islamic brother, it becomes Wajib for that person to forgive him, otherwise, he will be denied water from the pond of Kawsar. (Anwar-ul-Bisharah)

    2. Ask permission from your parents. If however Hajj has become Fard for a person he will have to perform Hajj even if his parents don’t give permission. However, one should not travel to perform ‘Umrah or a Nafl Hajj without the consent of one’s parents. Further, it is a misconception that the offspring cannot perform Hajj until their parents have performed it.

    3. If you possess belongings of others or owe debt to someone, return it. If you have unjustly seized someone’s estate (i.e. property, possession, money etc.), return it or get it waived. If you cannot trace the owner, donate an equivalent amount in charity.

    4. Fulfil the acts of worship which are still outstanding such as Salah, fasting, Zakah etc. Repent of the sin of delaying them. The sole purpose of this journey must be to please Almighty Allah azwajal and His beloved and blessed Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wasallam

    5. The Haji should meet Hajj expenses from lawful earnings; otherwise, there is no hope of Hajj being accepted, though his Fard will get offered.

    6. Take extra provisions and spend them on your companions, the poor etc. This is a sign of Hajj Mabrur [an accepted Hajj]. (Anwar-ul-Bisharah)

    7. Show the luggage to be loaded on the hired transport to the transporter in advance. Do not load extra luggage without his consent.

    8. It is stated in a Hadis that whenever three people depart for a journey, they should choose any one of them as Amir (i.e. chief) as this helps manage the affairs.

    9. The Amir should be a well-mannered person and a follower of Sunnah.

    10. The Amir should serve his companions, striving for their comfort and convenience.

    11. When leaving for the journey, leave as if one is going to depart from the world.

    12. When leaving, seek Du’a from everyone, as this will bring about blessings for you.

    13. Islamic sisters should not travel without husband or a trustworthy Mahram (one with whom marriage is Haram forever) otherwise, sin will be recorded for every step till their return. (This ruling applies not only to Hajj-pilgrimage but also to every journey).

    14. After putting on the travelling clothes, if it is not Makruh time (for Salah), offer four Rak’at Nafl Salah with Surah Fatihah and Surah Ikhlas in each Rak’at. Insha Allah azwajal, this Salah will secure estate and family members till return.

    15. Before leaving home, recite ‘Ayat-ul-Kursi as well as from Surah Kafirun to Surah Nas excluding Surah Lahab with Bismillah before each Surah. Recite Bismillah once in the end as well. Insha Allah azwajal You will remain comfortable throughout the journey.

    16. If it is not a Makruh time, offer 2 Rak’at Nafl Salah in the Masjid of your area.

    17. While travelling by bus, train etc., recite the following invocations, Insha Allah azwajal the conveyance will remain safe from all sorts of accidents.

    Bismillah - Thrice
    Allahu Akbar - Thrice
    Alhamdu Lillah - Thrice
    Subhan Allah - Thrice
    Lailaha Illallah - Once

    The following Quranic Du’a once:

    “Purity is to Him, Who has given this carriage in our control, and we did not have control over it and no doubt we have to return towards our Creator.”
    (Part 25, Surah Zukhruf) (Kanz-ul-Iman [Translation of Quran])

    18. Whilst travelling by ship, recite the following Quranic supplication, Insha Allah azwajal, you will be protected from drowning.

    Allah azwajal in Whose name is its movement and its halt; indeed my Rab is assuredly forgiving, the most merciful. And they (disbelievers) esteemed not Allah azwajal as was due to Him and He azwajal will roll up the entire earth on the Day of Judgement and all the Heavens shall be rolled up by His Authority. And He azwajal is free from their polytheism, and He azwajal is glorified. (Kanz-ul-Iman [Translation of Quran])
    (The first part of this Du’a is from Surah Hud while the second part is from Surah Zumar).

    19. After getting to the destination, perform two Rak’at Nafl Salah provided the time is not Makruh. To offer this Salahis a Sunnah.

    20. After reaching the destination, make the following Du’a from time to time. Insha Allah azwajal You will remain safe fromevery harm.
    “I seek refuge from the harm of creatures by (virtue of) the complete and perfect words of Allah azwajal”

    21. Recite “Ya Samadu” 13 times daily; you will be protected from thirst and hunger.

    22. If there is a fear of an enemy, recite Surah Quraish. Insha Allah azwajal , You will remain safe from every calamity.

    23. During the journey, remain busy remembering Allah azwajal and reciting Salat-‘Alan-Nabi as an angel will accompany you. If, on the other hand, you are engaged in gossips and listening to music etc., Satan will accompany you.

    24. Whilst on journey, do not be heedless of making Du’a for yourself and for all the Muslims as the Du’a of a traveler is accepted.

    25. According to a Hadis, if someone facing a difficulty needs help, he should call out the following words thrice: Translation: O servants of Allah azwajal ! Help me. (Hisn-e-Hasin)

    26. Treat all the Arabs including the Bedouins with extreme politeness. Even if they behave you harshly, endure it with patience. Our beloved and blessed Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wasallam will intercede for the one displaying patience in response to the harshness of the Arabs. Do not criticize the acts of the dwellers of Makkah and Madinah and those of any other Arab. Do not even think bad of them in your heart as this is beneficial in the world as well as in the Hereafter. However, if someone possesses heretic beliefs, do detest him strongly and avoid him like the plague.

    27. Observe the foregoing manners and etiquettes during the return journey as well.

    28. On returning from the journey, offer two Rak’at Nafl Salah before going to home in the Masjid of your locality (provided the time is not Makruh for Salah).

    29. Likewise, offer two Rak’at Nafl Salah after reaching home (provided the time is not Makruh for Salah).

    30. Then meet everyone warmly.
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    Default Re: 30 Madani Pearls Regarding Travelling for Hajj

    Mashallah very nice sharing

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    Default Re: 30 Madani Pearls Regarding Travelling for Hajj

    JazakALLAH Khair

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