5413 - Hamilton and Scherzinger on the rocks?

Despite a much-needed better performance in Japan, Lewis Hamilton won't be sorry to see the back of 2011 after a difficult year. Now, according to several British tabloids, it seems his on-track woes might be added to with rumours his relationship with Nicole Scherzinger is in trouble.

The pair's frenetic lifestyles have caused similar rumours in the past, and of late Scherzinger has been heavily involved in the US version of the X Factor meaning they have not been seen together since August.

The Mirror quoted a source close to them as saying: "Nicole and Lewis are both extremely busy people who lead incredibly hectic lives. Of late, their schedules have proven pretty unworkable and they have not been able to see as much of one another as they would have liked.

"They still speak on the phone but this isn't the same as face to face contact and things have been rough for the past six weeks. Both want it to work but it's fair to say things are rocky. But they have rowed before and worked things out. As far as both are concerned, there is still hope."