British duo Heather Watson and Laura Robson have refused to echo Caroline Wozniacki's claim that some players deliberately grunt on court in order to to put off opponents.

26193 - Robson & Watson shun Wozniacki concerns

World No. 1 Wozniacki made clear her frustration by saying "some players do it on purpose … officials could definitely cut it".

Maria Sharapova is always a noisy opponent - but Watson and Robson, both of whom have faced Sharapova at grand slams, do not have a problem with shrieking.

"There's always been a big thing about grunting but, after Wimbledon [where she played Sharapova], I said I've hardly noticed it on court - and I think Heather said the same after meeting her at the US Open," Robson told Sky Sports News. "As a player I don't think you notice it on court because you're trying to focus on the match you're playing.

"If you look at the men's and women's side I'd say 50% of the players at least do it, so it's just something to accept. Tennis is a great sport and I don't thinking grunting is something that you should be put off by."

Watson added: "When I played Maria I didn't notice it at all until I watched the match afterwards. For me it doesn't really distract me, everybody does it now - it's a normal thing that comes with tennis. I'm not a big grunter, and I don't think I will be in the future either.

"I'm too focused on the point and emotions [to notice the grunting]. It doesn't really distract me."

Watson and Robson faced each other on Wednesday at the the AEGON GB Pro-Series, with Robson triumphing 6-1 3-6 6-3.