Four organisers of the abandoned Indian Grand Prix F1 Rocks concert have been arrested on fraud charges after the much-publicised event was cancelled, ostensibly because of "technical issues".

12536 - Metallica concert organisers arrested

Organisers pulled the plug after failing to obtain the required safety certificates. Crowds had already gathered outside the venue by the time the announcement was made, triggering ugly scenes as hundreds of people broke into the site and wrecked equipment.

Metallica, who were the headline act, had flown in 30 tonnes for equipment with 350 people involved in constructing the stage and equipment.

"The Metallica concert has become yet another example of chaos and mismanagement in organising events in India," wrote an eyewitness in the Indian version of the Wall Street Journal.

"The gates were scheduled to open at 3pm as printed on the tickets. I was there around 4.00pm and by 6.00pm when the gates didn't open, thousands of fans who had gathered began shouting slogans and later grew restive and began kicking the barriers and climbing on top of cars, screaming."