Tiger Woods has warned fans to expect a more "explosive" performance when he tees it up at the Australian Open this week.

31201 - I've got the power - Tiger Woods

Woods, the 14-time major champion, has spent a lot of time at the gym working on his fitness and conditioning after a relatively underwhelming return to competitive action at the Frys.com Open last month - and believes the move has paid dividends as he regains his former strength and power.

"I've had a ruptured ACL, I've had a broken leg, a torn Achilles, and strained ligaments over the last five years," Woods noted to a Melbourne radio station. "I've been rehabbing for so long I haven't been able to train.

"Now I'm starting to get going, I'm starting to do all my explosive training again. I'm hitting faster, more explosive, my speed's coming back.

"I'm hitting the ball distances again that I knew I could hit it and it's becoming fun."

Woods, who played golf with former cricketer Shane Warne and his fiancée Liz Hurley on Monday, admitted that, after he and Vijay Singh became the first high-profile players to regularly work out, he is at something of a disadvantage now everyone on tour has followed suit.

"Guys are in the gym, they're lifting the weights, they're hitting the track, they're trying to get stronger and faster because inevitably all sports do," he said. "The next generation always gets a little bit better."

Woods refused to discuss the ongoing controversy surrounding his former caddie Steve Williams although he is likely to be pressed on the matter when he holds a press conference on Tuesday, ahead of the first round at The Lakes Golf Club later in the week.