Felipe Massa said that he "hoped for more" from qualifying for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix after he could only take sixth on the grid.

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Massa was over 0.6s slower than his team-mate Fernando Alonso in the final part of qualifying, and only just managed to stay ahead of Nico Rosberg. Although not able to challenge the front two rows, Massa said that he hadn't managed to get the best performance out of his tyres on the first lap of each run and that a second lap could have seen him improve further.

"To be honest, I hoped for more from this qualifying," Massa said. "I struggled more than expected to get the best out of the tyres on the first flying lap: maybe it would have been worth trying a longer run, with two attempts. As expected, today McLaren and Red Bull showed they have the edge over us. In the end, we are in the grid positions we can expect in this final part of the season.

Having switched back to the Singapore-specification front wing after problems in practice, Massa said it had disadvantaged him but that he could only have gained time on Alonso in fifth.

"Sure, having to use the old type of front wing cost me something in terms of performance: in India, when we compared the two versions, I immediately felt the new one was an improvement, giving more grip and better stability under braking. Having said that, I don't think I could have got a place on the two front rows. Tomorrow we will have to see what we can do. Certainly the DRS will help with overtaking, but we have seen on other occasions, even with the moveable rear wing, that it is not a foregone conclusion."