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    Default Being a woman

    Being a woman

    For me it is, that it be able to shout for joy, despair, fear, surprise or joke.

    Power mourn for a movie or a record or a sunset or a caress, or a few words or anger or despair, or perhaps even sadness or joy.

    Walking down the street with a smile and wave to everyone, listening to and addressing the needs of others, without anyone notice my internal pain that I'm on my period, and that nothing happens without continue, because that is my body informing me this I list again ..

    It's wonderful expenditures as a night of insomnia, with dark circles until the knees and hair done a disaster, I leave home transformed by a bath and some repairer truquillos makeup, no one note my night, and also to tell me I am very fresh and beautiful.

    It's so beautiful being a woman, that the truth as I can not imagine my life would not be?

    How would assemble for a scandal by a mouse or a spider, while confronting the entire world if necessary to defend mine?

    How would I stop after the long workday, come home to prepare dinner, and in one day without thinking, preparing everything, with bath, candles, incense, fruit, wine and snacks to surprise my partner with this prepared and well equipped to enjoy the love and passion?

    And on another occasion prepare another scene on the roof or in the backyard, hoe with meat, beer and radio ready to share with him partido de fut?

    Yes, definitely I am very proud to be a woman, no matter whether up or down in weight, if no longer play as before or whether the lines of my face inform the wonderful experience of life that eh lived.

    Being a woman who develops professionally, and also cooking, overboard, plays, seduces, coquetea, feels, celebrates, gets angry, cure, suffering, crying, laughing, listening, attending, dance, care and have fun along the day.

    And over the years will put different colors the years, they each appear in the head and we noticed in the mirror.

    Yes, I love being a woman!

    (But I, who shared it, is not a woman)

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    Default Re: Being a woman

    sooo sweet of u,really nyc one
    suno hworiginal - Being a woman
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