Jenson Button says he is not afraid of returning to Brazil after the car he was travelling in was the subject of an approach from armed assailants.

7480 - Button not fearful of Brazil return

Button was leaving the Interlagos circuit following qualifying on Saturday evening along with his father, manager and trainer when their car was approached by a group armed with guns. Fortunately the driver was a policeman trained in avoidance techniques, and their reinforced vehicle was able to force its way through the heavy traffic to safety.

Ahead of his return to Sao Paulo Button was asked if he was afraid of going back this year, to which he replied: "No, not at all."

Button also told Sporting Life that he believes the drivers will all have police escorts to ensure their safety, but that other team members have to be more wary of their surroundings.

"Something was going to happen. It had happened so many times with the mechanics and engineers, and in the end it was going to happen to a driver. I don't think they wanted anything except for our bags out of the boot. But we have more security this year. I think every driver you see will have a police escort, and they should do. But you have to spare a thought for everyone else in Formula One because they don't have police escorts."

Despite last year's ordeal Button said that the race is still a special one.

"It's a tough one because it's such a good grand prix. I love racing at Sao Paulo. There is a special atmosphere, even when your team-mate is Brazilian (as in 2009 with Rubens Barrichello) and you are fighting for the world championship. I still love it there because they are so passionate, and there is so much history at that circuit. It's a pity things do happen there when we leave the circuit, but I think that just shows the divide in Brazil."