Mark Webber said that Red Bull focused mainly on 2012 testing during the Friday practice sessions as it could be its last chance to run in the dry this season.

12861 - Last dry test for Red Bull - Webber

With Sebastian Vettel securing the drivers' championship in Japan and Red Bull the constructors' title in Korea, teams have been shifting their focus to gathering data for next season. The forecast in Brazil is for thundery showers on Saturday and a wet Sunday, and so Webber said that the majority of the FP1 and FP2 running was geared towards 2012.

"It could have been our last chance to run in the dry with some wet weather coming," Webber is quoted by Autosport. "So it was our last test day, so there were some items we were looking at for next year and a bit of reliability work here and there for Renault so it was a good day for us."

However, Webber did admit that the results from both sessions were still indicative of competitiveness for this weekend.

"It was still reasonable in terms of the information you get and we get in terms of pace relative to the competition. You still want to do some specific work for this weekend; no one is fully rigged up for 2012 today so you still read a bit into it."