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    cute The Love of Friendship ...

    "The Love of Friendship ...

    The Friendship is a form of love "

    The friends are different people,

    Are those people who have that

    Something that unites us ..

    These are people who pass through our

    Leaving footprints lives very large and deep ...

    When circumstances

    Life must move away ...

    And when we are close

    As fallen angels from heaven,

    We lend its wings as if we forget flying ...

    Carrying in his hands a calyx of love.

    These are people who always

    Are on our side, we tend his hand

    And we embrace the heart.

    There are those who look with only

    Know your sentences,

    Your joys and mitigate your disappointments.

    Those people who appear

    In our lives without which we propose

    And find our soul

    Chooses as friends because

    The soul does not know mistakes

    And recognizes their twins.

    The friends are the most precious treasure

    Of life

    Not buying ... Not sold ...

    Not gold ... Are not silver ...

    Are not gems ...

    But now wanted these treasures

    Have the courage of a friend.

    If you have a true friend

    Penalties hurt your joys and your least increase

    And above all remember ...

    "If you have a friend just never estaras"

    Loving a friend is to evaluate its presence

    When we close

    Amar is a friend venerate their recuedo

    When it started.

    Love is an answer to a friend

    With loyalty, brotherhood and sincerity;

    And respect without expecting rewards.

    To love is to give to a friend

    Your support when you need it

    And unless you request it.

    He is listening to a friend

    With the heart and oirlo silent.

    Loving a friend is support your weaknesses

    And lifted at their weaknesses.

    Finding a friend is easy, difficult

    It is to preserve its friendship travez

    Time and distance.

    Cultivating friendship is like cultivating

    Rose more beautiful garden

    As more love, affection

    And respect him brindes bigger

    And will be your beautiful friendship

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    Bgxof - The Love of Friendship ...

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