Fernando Alonso says that he is sure he will win championships with Ferrari and that he doesn't look back at recent seasons with regret.

12659 - Championships will come - Alonso

Alonso arrived at Ferrari at the start of 2010 on a wave of expectation that he would secure his first drivers' title since 2006. However, a strategic error in the final race of the season cost him the championship by just four points, while this year Ferrari has failed to deliver a car capable of challenging for victory on a regular basis. Coupled with his 2007 season with McLaren when he missed out on the title by a single point, Alonso could easily have doubled his tally of championships, but he said that he doesn't dwell on the past and is certain he will win the title again with Ferrari.

"I don't think about it too much," Alonso told Autosport. "I know that I could have more championships, but you can't move forward by looking back - you need to look at the future and the present. I'm totally confident that this championship will come sooner rather than later, because I'm in the perfect team to do that.

"I have more motivation than ever, so it only needs time. Hopefully not many more years because, as you said, I'm 30 - and I don't know how many years I will be here. But at the moment I'm at the peak of my career, and I'm in the best team. I don't have any doubts that championships will arrive."

Alonso also said that the confidence came from a belief that he is a better driver now than he was when he won his two titles.

"Now I am a much more complete driver. Maybe in a single lap or in a race situation it hasn't changed too much. But in overtaking manoeuvres, at the start, pitstop approach, or in mental preparation to the race, I think in 2005 and '06 I was much weaker than now."