Dany Bahar, chief executive of the Lotus Group, has defended Renault's approach to its drivers after Kimi Raikkonen hurt his wrist in a skidoo accident.

13038 - Bahar defends Renault approach

Renault came in for criticism at the start of 2011 for allowing Robert Kubica to go rallying after he was seriously injured in an accident in Italy. Kubica is yet to return to Formula One, and Raikkonen had been signed as Renault's lead driver in 2012 when he fell off a skidoo in a race in Austria and hurt his wrist. While the injury is not thought to be serious, Bahar was forced to defend the way the team manages its drivers.

"It is part of our job to do things that are risky, we do it commercially and corporately, Kimi does it in his own life," Bahar is quoted by Reuters. "Kimi is Kimi and it will be difficult to change the way he lives."

Bahar also told Turun Sanomat that the team was willing to give Raikkonen time to become competitive again as long as he applies himself correctly.

"Whether it takes three days, six races or 20 races, remains to be seen. The important thing is that Kimi steadily improves. As long as this happens, we give him time ... He has grown up, he is no longer young. He knows what he is doing and what is expected of him. I believe he will take things a little more seriously."