Nico Hulkenberg says that getting to grips with the Pirelli tyres will be crucial for him to enjoy a successful season in 2012.

10960 - Learning tyres key for Hulkenberg

Hulkenberg has been promoted from his reserve driver role to a race seat with Force India for 2012, meaning that his only season of racing in Formula One so far came on the Bridgestone rubber. Although he has some experience of the Pirellis after appearing in most Friday practice sessions last season, Hulkenberg told Autosport that he would only be able to learn the full characteristics of the tyres by racing on them.

"It will be tough, but I went through that process last year with Williams as well," Hulkenberg said. "I don't know exactly how the Pirelli tyres will behave so I will make sure that I get all of the information I need to learn quickly. You need to get out there and do the races so that you can learn about them. On a theoretical basis, there is not so much that you can do. You have to drive and learn from it."

Hulkenberg also said he would have no trouble working with the team following his Friday practice appearances last season.

"I know everyone in the team and all of the engineers, but I haven't worked as closely with them as I will as a race driver. I was involved with briefings and spoke to them during the race weekends, so it shouldn't be difficult. I'm very comfortable and happy with the guys in the team."