Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has reiterated that 2012 will be a make or break year for Felipe Massa at Maranello.

11308 - Montezemolo ups pressure on Massa

Massa struggled for form in 2011, scoring less than half the points of team-mate Fernando Alonso and failing to finish higher than fifth in any race. Montezemolo has already said he expects more from Massa next season, but upped the pressure on the Brazilian during an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport on Thursday.

"We weren't happy with him and he wasn't happy with himself," Montezemolo said. "But I'm confident that with a car that is able to heat up the tyres faster he'll be able to become more competitive again".

He added that Massa's tenure at Maranello "could also continue" but warned Ferrari is "always looking around."

Asked if he would like to bring world champion Sebastian Vettel to Ferrari, Montezemolo said: "He's a smart lad. I like how he behaves, and if I have to choose between drivers with equal skill I'll always take the one with the better head. However, today I wouldn't trade Alonso for anyone, because in a race he's the strongest driver around."