Sebastian Vettel has admitted he cannot wait to see the new Red Bull which he hopes will help him secure his third consecutive world title.

12594 - Sebastian Vettel excited about new Red Bull

"We're all curious about the car," he told the BBC. "We see it coming together. It's like a child being born. I'm not a father but they tell me that's how it feels. We're all very happy with this year, so it wouldn't be right to ask for more. If we can match 2011 and do better here and there, that would be fantastic.

"It all starts from zero again and we all have the same chance. I'm looking forward to the competition.

He will permit himself a few days off over Christmas and the New Year. "There isn't much of an off-season, so it's really important to use that to shut the system down, calm down and charge the batteries … not forget about F1 but forget for a while about all the stress."

In the same interview, Jenson Button paid tribute to Vettel's season. "We weren't too worried after the first couple of races but then it [Vettel winning] kept happening and we began to worry. In 2010, I was amazed he had won because he made a lot of mistakes but in 2011 he came alive and did a fantastic job."