Sebastian Vettel insists Red Bull will not rest on its laurels after winning back-to-back titles over the past two seasons.

12955 - Red Bull not taking success for granted - Vettel

Vettel dominated the drivers' championship in 2011 and is the favourite to do so again in 2012. However, he insists that Red Bull is taking nothing for granted and that the team knows how much hard work is needed to maintain its position at the top.

"We will try (to win again)," Vettel told France's Auto Hebdo. "But the beauty of this sport is that before a new season, all the points counters are reset. It is up to Red Bull to build a competitive chassis and Renault to produce a powerful and reliable engine. There is no certainty; nothing is sure about this (success) continuing."

He added that 2011 had not been an easy year as the team was constantly pushing to stay ahead of its rivals.

"All year long [we were] pushing to keep the car at the level that it was," Vettel said. "McLaren were pushing massively and I think at the end we were pretty even. I don't think that one car really had the edge."