Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger believes all players should be educated over the way they are expected to behave on the pitch.

32508 - Players need to be educated - Wenger

The Professional Footballers Association is contemplating the introduction of cultural understanding sessions - which so far have initially been aimed at youth-team squads - in an attempt to avoid more controversies such as those surrounding Liverpool's Luis Suarez and Chelsea captain John Terry.

And Wenger would welcome any extra initiatives to help all footballers become more respectful. "There is a need to educate both the foreign players and the English players as well, because the English players are not better,'' Wenger said.

"You want respect from everybody, foreign players, English players and that everybody is treated exactly the same, not only Suarez but as well the other players.

"As long as you have players live on television who can say '**** off' to the referee and get away with it, you cannot convince me you don't need to educate players. You have to take the right decisions.''

Liverpool striker Suarez has been banned for eight games by the Football Association after being found guilty of racially abusing Manchester United defender Patrice Evra. Chelsea defender Terry is to appear in court for alleged racist comments made to Queens Park Rangers defender Anton Ferdinand, which he denies.