FIFA has insisted that the awarding of television rights to former vice-president Jack Warner for as little as one dollar were nothing to do with his support for Sepp Blatter.

17155 - FIFA dismisses Warner claims

Warner issued a statement last month saying he was given the rights for seven World Cups for a minimum fee, and that "President Blatter sold me the World Cup TV rights for 2002 and 2006, no doubt in appreciation of the work I did [with Mohamed Bin Hammam] for his re-election.''

FIFA has insisted this is not the case saying: "Such rights were ceded in order to provide an additional source of revenue for football development in the Caribbean Football Union.

"This had nothing to do with the 1998 or 2002 election campaigns, or with any other election campaign. To imply the contrary is completely false.''

FIFA said all TV deals were approved by the marketing and TV board, the finance committee and the executive committee.

The world governing body said the "statement made by Jack A. Warner... includes several inaccuracies and falsehoods'' and that "until 1998 TV rights were provided by the rights-holders for symbolic sums in many territories [for example in Africa], in order to maximise the worldwide television coverage''.