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Thread: Misuse of Mobile Phones

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    Default Misuse of Mobile Phones

    Misuse of Mobile Phones (Impacts of misuse of mobile phones in society)

    Around the world, there are billions of people using mobile phones daily but it is observed that in some countries, mobiles phones are being used excessively, even those people using phones who don’t need it i.e. students, young generation, kids etc.


    1. People, specially young girls & boys starts their friendships using mobile phones, mobile phone companies offers such services like “Find your lover” or “Find new friends”… some people directly asks phone numbers of girls/boys from one another and start texting to one another.
    2. It is observed also that many mobile phone companies offer too cheap calling and SMS rates. Even some of them offer full night free call offers, unlimited SMS against little money.
    3. As time passes, this friendship converts into meetings, dates and even going out with each other…and here’s the destruction of a Muslim society.


    To individuals

    Please, please, please!

    1. Know your limits, your parents & elders trusts you, don’t break their trusts
    2. Spending too much on phones will waste your money, If you have much money, give some of them in the name of Allah, this will make your life hereafter better.
    3. Mobile phone phobia seems better in the beginning, but later, it creates lots of problems for you, for example, your eyesight will be affected, you will loose that money which can be used in some other better work, you will loose your energy that can be used in your studies
    4. Give time to your family instead of using phones and texting
    5. To avoid this bad habit, never keep much of balance in your phones.

    To parents and elders

    Please don’t let your children on wrong ways!

    1. Never buy cell phones for your children until they reach at least 18 years
    2. Keep a strict watch on their mobile phone activities, check their SMS inboxes, in and out calls history
    3. Never give them too much money for cell phones. Either buying a new phone or for some balance etc.
    4. Keep a check on your children if they use phones too much or in late night.


    Mobile phones are the best way to get connected any time. But in our society, misuse of the phones is getting increased. To make our society stronger, we must know our limits, don’t use a thing beyond its positive uses.

    Mobile phone’s business (buying, selling, network providers etc) can be a big trick against Muslims to make them away from their cultural and religious boundaries. It is seen in European countries that people of those countries purchases low priced (cheap mobile phones) not too much expensive. 2ndly, it is also observed that those people use their phones under control.

    Please be aware and get under controlled. Everybody loves you and you have an importance in the eyes of parents, family and society.

    Perform your “Namaz” on time and regularly as the “Namaz” is the thing that keeps you away from bad habit.

    Please share and spread this article.

    May Allah azwajal bless all of us. - AAMIN.

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    Default Re: Misuse of Mobile Phones

    thanks 4 dis
    nice shairing..............

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    Default Re: Misuse of Mobile Phones

    very very very nice sharing

    and iam agree wid u.. same aisa he hota hai.. bht saycases tu khud mainay b daikhay hain.. ird gird...
    even aaj kal wrong num pay msgs,calls kar k logon ko tang karnay ka or enjoyment ka tareeka banaya huva hai cheap thinking walay logon nay.. chahay koi is say kitna he tang q na hota ho
    MAY ALLAH save us from this n bless us... AAmeen..

    ...I Know Its Immature And Childish...
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