Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini has taken aim at Liverpool's handling of the Luis Suarez racism case, stating a full apology was too long in coming from the Uruguayan.

32814 - Roberto Mancini critical of Liverpool and Suarez

Suarez is currently serving an eight-match ban for racially abusing Patrice Evra when Manchester United visited Anfield in October. The Reds' front-man issued a general apology on January 5, but did not say sorry to Evra in his statement.

Mancini, speaking ahead of the first leg of their Carling Cup tie against Liverpool, questioned Kenny Dalglish and the Liverpool players for wearing T-shirts in support of Suarez after the verdict was handed down, and declared his belief that the striker should have apologised immediately.

"Sometimes a situation like this can happen on the pitch but it is important to apologise for what you did. Sometimes, on the pitch, you can do something you don't want to, because you are nervous, because you don't think. Everything can happen because you don't think, because you are tired, because you are stupid, you are young; for many reasons.

"I don't think Suarez is a racist. But I think he made a mistake, probably, yes.

"Everyone can make a mistake sometimes. It is impossible that we are always perfect and, after that, it is important to say: 'I am sorry, I made a mistake, I apologise for this' and accept the charge."

Mancini's comments came on the day when the culture, media and sport select committee agreed to look into the issue of racism in football, where Liverpool representatives could be summoned.