Fernando Alonso has welcomed the new Ferrari arrivals Hirohide Hamashima and Steve Clark, saying that the team has become more efficient.

13102 - Fernando Alonso welcomes new arrivals

While Clark arrives from Mercedes to become head of race engineers, it's the recruitment of Hamashima that excites Alonso the most. The ex-Bridgestone director of motorsport tyre development joins the team to help prevent a repeat of Ferrari's 2011 tyre troubles, and Alonso said that his addition will strengthen the team.

"All new arrivals are welcome," Alonso said. "They bring precious information and previous experience from other teams and so the team is strengthened. Hirohide Hamashima is a very good addition because last year we were not able to maximize the potential of the tyres."

Alonso points to Pat Fry's influence in the restructuring as key, saying that the team has improved "in all areas" since his promotion to technical director.

"When Pat Fry arrived he had new ideas. I think he was surprised by the way Ferrari did some things and using his experience elsewhere one can maximize things and so the team improves in all areas. Let's hope Felipe and I are both extremely competitive. Half the races being won by one and half by the other would be good! My focus is on our car. If we do things well we can fight for the championship. You have to focus on the car. Since Pat Fry arrived there have been many changes and the team is more efficient."