Poem For Imam Ali (A.S)
He was born in the Ka’ba
The Prophet he saw
He supported him always
Though times were raw.
He married Fatima
And had Hassan and Hussain
And Zainab and Umme Kulthum
Who would later all be in pain.

He stuck by the Prophet
From the beginning till the end
He became successor
Little did he know that the Prophet had few real friends
They set his house on fire
And killed Fatima’s unborn son
They took away Fadak
The pain of Ali’s family was their fun.
Fatima was dead
Nobody knows where
She never forgave the enemies
Who never did care
Ali married another Fatima
Who was called another name
They had Osman, Abdullah, Jafar and Abbas
Who’s relationship with Hussain was like the Prophet and Ali all the same.
Imam stood loyal to Islam no matter
Until he got struck by Ibn Muljim, may Allah curse him
He told Abbas his new master was Hussain
And then he took his last breath; Najaf he is buried in.
May Allah curse all oppressors who troubled the Imam (A.S) and his family .
May Allah bring back the Imam Mahdi (A.S) soon .