Marussia will not us its 2012 car at the opening round of testing in Jerez next month to allow Charles Pic to get more time behind the wheel in the 2011 version.

Marussia Virgin 2011 F1 Car Front Side View - Marussia delays debut of 2012 car

"We're aiming for the second," Symonds told Autosport. "We'll be at the first test anyway because I think it's important for Charles to get some miles under his belt and it shakes some of the cobwebs off of the team."

Asked how different the 2012 car is, Symonds said only a few things from 2011 had been used. "You always carry over something, but I think we have probably carried over less than normal," he said. "The whole of the suspension design is different, even the pedal assemblies are different. There's probably a smaller amount of carry over on this car than almost any car I have worked on.

"I don't think it is the time for us to be innovative. When you are that far off the front it's the time to really just do your job properly and to make sure that what you are doing you are doing well.

"So no real innovation. It's much more about looking at each area and trying to improve each one."