HRT has announced that it will use electric bicycles to move around at grands prix after signing a collaboration with Yamimoto.

12713 - HRT to use electric bikes at races

The electric bicycle brand has become the team's 'official supplier of sustainable mobility for 2012', and will design an exclusive bicycle for HRT this year. A press release by the team confirmed: "HRT will become, through this deal, a pioneer in the world of Formula 1 by integrating an alternative energy to petrol in its mobility plan and will use Yamimoto's electric bicycles to move around at grands prix and away from them."

HRT's business development director Oscar Leyva said that the deal would help strengthen HRT's brand as well as offering a solution at the circuits.

"The complexity of moving a Formula 1 team around the world doesn't limit itself to the major distances covered by traditional modes of transport. There are also a large amount of short and medium distance journeys, in testing and grands prix but also in between races.

"The alternative that Yamimoto offers us doesn't only contribute comfort and practicality but it is also an innovative company that adjusts to our philosophy of searching for synergies with Spanish companies to strengthen our brands in the world and the concept of Spain being a country that backs R&D&i."