The first pictures of the new Caterham CT01 have been leaked a day ahead of its launch in F1 Racing magazine.

13184 - First pictures of new Caterham leaked on Twitter

The team will officially launch its car in the monthly magazine on January 26, but some copies of the magazine have arrived early and pictures have been leaked via Twitter. The CT01 is the third car to be produced by the team formerly known as Lotus and was designed by chief technical officer Mike Gascoyne and technical director Mark Smith.

The most striking feature of the new car is its nosecone which has been designed to meet new safety regulations. Under the 2012 technical regulations the nose can be no higher than 55cm meaning the front of the car is stepped where the nose meets the rest of the monocoque.

Another notable change to the CT01's appearance compared to its 2011 predecessor is the rear end which is tighter and features higher-mounted exhausts - again to comply with new regulations for 2012.

Full details and more pictures of the car will be released on Thursday.